Caffe on the Green


Caffe on the Green - The former home of Rudolph Valentino

The following full page notice appeared in the January 1st, 2009 edition of the Queens Courier:

Effective Thursday, January 1st, 2009, Caffé on the Green will cease operations and will not reopen at this location. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the New York City of Department of Parks, has decided to prematurely terminate our license agreement unjustifiably and without cause.

In this time of such high financial uncertainty, the city and its lack of responsible judgment and shortsightedness, has placed our employees into an uncertain and stressful position, facing unemployment, and the loss of their future pension and health care benefits.

We are sure the community remembers what an abandoned dangerous eyesore this property was prior to Caffé on the Green’s transformation into the beautiful venue it is today.

Caffé will be relocating locally, and hopes to be up and running again soon with our present family of staff. Our website,, will always be available and will keep you posted on our future plans. As our faithful clientele, you will always have the option to sign up for our mailing list by clicking on the link Constant Contacts.

Caffé on the Green is grateful to our many loyal customers who have supported us for the past 17 years and were instrumental in creating the success that we are. Least we forget our dedicated staff who made it a reality.

On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU,
we look forward to serving you again soon


Caffé on the Green


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