Workers Ordered to Give Up City-Owned Cars

“As the Bloomberg administration scrambles to cut spending, it is ordering city agencies like the police, parks and health departments to give up nearly 700 city-owned cars, a cherished perk for their workers.”

“Many city agencies operate their own fleet of cars, which they assign to employees for official use. Buildings inspectors use city-owned cars to travel to construction sites, for example. And supervisors at the Department of Parks and Recreation use them to get to far-flung city properties.

For many of these employees, mass transportation may add hours to their travel schedule.”

Don’t you feel bad for these managerial and supervisory personnel? This will hit the Parks Department hardest of all – Without their agency cars, how will they get to the ballpark in order use their free tickets to Met’s and Yankee’s games? Life is so unfair.


One Response

  1. Unfortunately, since not ALL cars will be revoked, only the favorite employees of the agency heads will get to keep their cars.

    Many of the cars are necessary. If a buildings inspector can get to nine job sites in Queens with the car, you can figure it’ll go down to five without the car.

    The comment from the blogger about using the cars to get to the games was unnecessary.

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