Queens Republicans to Bloomberg: Not so Fast!


Former Republican Mike Wants Back In

Maggie Haberman and Sally Goldenberg report in the New York Post that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making overtures to once again run with Republican support. Much to their credit not all the GOP county leaders are ready to jump on the Bloomberg band wagon. There is some resentment over the fact that Bloomberg did not endorse John McCain.

“Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat who joined the Republican Party for his first mayoral bid in 2001 but then abandoned it in 2007, must mend fences if he wants to secure the Republican line, several sources said.”

“If there’s a credible Republican that’s running, I’d have to support that person first, and if the mayor wanted to re-register as a Republican, I might think of it,” said Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa, who has not been contacted by Bloomberg’s team.

“In fact, I have the forms if he wants to reregister as a Republican.”

Another GOP official criticized the mayor, saying, “Everybody supported him the second time, and then he had very little in the way of Republicans in government and then no policy that’s remotely Republican.”


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