Phil “Pit Bull” Konigsberg Reelected 4th Chair of CB7


This time the “Best Person” did emerge victorious. Phil “PIT BULL” Konigsberg was reelected 4th Chair of CB7. Phil is a person who refuses to compromise his principles. Among the other CB7 Executive Committee Members, Konigsberg, a Bay Terrace resident, represents the lone independent voice – an objective free thinker who rejects overtures for him to follow the clique.

Phil was the only CB7 Executive Committee Member to vote against the Willet’s Point Redevelopment Plan. Supporting a proposal that included eminent domain as part of the land acquisition process was something he could not support. Without Phil’s involvement the CB7’s Executive Committee would be a rubber stamp for developers and most government agencies.

There is some speculation that Konigsberg’s opponent was hand picked by the clique for the purpose of eliminating any Executive Committee Member who wouldn’t follow the so called “party line.”

The Cafe is proud to have Phil as a regular customer. He will always be welcome and his next meal is on the house.

Congratulations to Phil Konigsberg!


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