Grace Meng, Jimmy Meng & Caroline Meng


Assemblywoman Grace Meng

On a snowy Sunday morning in Bay Terrace, a few early birds sitting in the Cafe were discussing Newly-elected Assemblywoman Grace Meng who took her oath of office in Flushing on Saturday at a ceremony at Queens College. Part of the conversation focused on Grace’s sister Caroline and the anti-Semitic venom she reportedly spewed on her now infamous website.

In a 2002 race for State Assembly, Jimmy Meng who is Grace and Caroline Meng’s father was narrowly defeated by Barry Grodenchik. There were reports stating that Caroline Meng defended her father’s honor by writing on her website: “It’s really sad Asians can’t stick together. The Jews stick together and that’s why they control everything.” Grace Meng, the campaign’s manager, attempted to defuse the situation by noting that her father’s attorney is Jewish and that the campaign had many Jewish supporters.

Some of this morning’s customers opined that Grace’s response sounded oddly familiar to that old refrain of “Some of my best friends are Jewish or Black or Asian” or any other minority group we want to name. No one could remember Caroline ever issuing an apology to the Jewish or Asian Community. She is welcome to visit the Cafe and respond in person – Something that no one expects to happen soon.

Congratulations, Grace! There are high hopes that you will represent “ALL” of your constituents.


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