Bay Terrace Community Alliance – Meet Your Local Merchants Night

It was standing-room-only at the BTCA’s January meeting. The huge turn-out on January 22nd, solidified the BTCA’s reputation as the “Voice of Bay Terrace.” In addition, the organization’s credibility was further enhanced by the presence of State Senator Stavisky, Gene McSweeney from Assemblywoman Carrozza’s office, Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky, four announced candidates for City Council in the 19th District, a former candidate for the State Assembly, Mac Harris who is head of FDNY operations on Fort Totten and members of the press.

Bay Terrace Shopping Center

Bay Terrace Shopping Center

There is no doubt that the representatives from Cord Meyer Development (Bay Terrace Shopping Center) and Waldbaum’s Super Market heard the community’s concerns loud and clear. Both companies should be applauded for caring enough to not only accept our invitation but also their willingness to answer any and all questions. There are high hopes that the suggestions, comments and in some cases criticisms which were offered will result in positive change.



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  1. Hello Bay Terrace Cafe patrons,

    I just thought I would stop in for a bit and see what is going on in the BT Cafe on a Sunday night, a week before Super Sunday. Not too many faces in the Cafe tonight, but that’s OK. It’s nice to just relax alongside a comfortable spot sipping a cup of DD coffee with a Mallomar.

    This week I was very proud of our neighborhood for their respectful turnout to the BTCA meeting when two major components of our community, Cord Meyer Development Corp and Waldbaum’s, brought their heavy hitters to our meeting at the Chabad Center to hear what we had to say. We had plenty to say and they in turn said “we hear you.”

    For those who attended, you saw the real essence of what and how a civic association should be.

    When word spread quickly throughout the community that Cord Meyer and Waldbaum’s officials were going to be addressing the BTCA, we knew we had something special brewing that evening. Interest to attend even came from other community leaders, including our State Senator Toby Stavisky. The standing room only audience was able to interact with and establish an open dialogue with our guests, one that appears to have the potential to allow a free flow exchange of information within the community on an ongoing basis.

    Thanks to Warren, the President of the BTCA, who initiated this all by starting a blog “the good, the bad and the ugly” several weeks ago.

    Well, the cup of DD is dry and the MM is devoured. Time to leave the BT Cafe as it is closing time. It’s 11 PM, take a moment to look out your window and make sure your street is safe and quiet.

    Good night.

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