The Secret Haunting of Crocheron Park

Secret Haunting

Secret Haunting

Two of the Cafe’s regular customers were overheard having this conversation:

Milhouse: (as he sips his morning coffee) Hey Corn, you know the Halloween event that goes on every year in Fort Totten?

Cornelious: (biting into his bagel) You mean the one where all the vehicles have no place to park and end up driving up and down the streets?

Milhouse: Yea, that’s it. Some of the drivers even block crosswalks and driveways – And don’t forget the people walking all over private property. Someone told me that up to 3,000 visitors come to the park for the Halloween thing. Well anyway, listen to this: I heard that due to some kind of construction in the Little Bay parking lot, this year’s event is being moved to Crocheron Park.

Cornelious: Wow! That can’t make the East Bayside Homeowners Association (EBHA) very happy. Crocheron is right in their backyard. I wonder if they even know about it. Those residents are going to have a sh*t fit. Why would parks want to mess with that organization and their president?

Milhouse: I’m sure that both the EBHA and Community Board 11 were notified. Parks believes in total transparency and would never do anything underhanded. While we’re on the subject, do you feel this Benepe has been doing a good job?

Cornelious: Well, it is the Department of Parks & Recreation and I think Benepe has been a decent Recreation Commissioner. Did you see the waiter? I could use some more coffee………


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