Fort Totten Gate Security: An Ever Changing Story

A protest rally still remains a very real possibility.

A protest rally still remains a very real possibility.

At a meeting held on Tuesday, February 17, 2009, Fire Department Chiefs and Unit Heads decided to completely eliminate gate security at Fort Totten. This is contrary to earlier reports from official FDNY sources that the security would be provided by light duty fire fighters.

At this time attempts are being made to obtain copies of the conveyance agreement, which some interested parties believe call for FDNY to maintain gate security. As expected, FDNY is reluctant to make the documents available for review. Efforts are underway to obtain the documentation elsewhere.

A protest rally still remains a very real possibility.



Fort Totten Gate Security – Update

According to reliable sources, the FDNY has decided that terminating Fort Totten gate security is a bad idea. Light duty firefighters will continue to protect the Fort’s front gate. Fire marshals will share some of the responsibility.



Effective March 1, Fort Totten will no longer have gate security.

Effective March 1, Fort Totten will no longer have gate security.


Gate security at Fort Totten will be discontinued on Sunday, March 1, 2009. Fire Commissioner Scoppetta is taking this action in response to the Mayor’s recently announced budget cuts. Termination of the security contract will threaten Fort Totten and the surrounding community.

Both FDNY and NYPD house units on Fort Totten which have high security needs. To go into detail would be irresponsible but suffice it to say that these units deal with matters pertaining to terrorism and criminal investigation.

Without security there will be burglary and vandalism concerns at night. In addition, the abandoned old buildings, many of which are part of the Historic Monument Trust, would be prime targets for arson once it gets dark. Night time criminal activity in the Fort will spill over into Bay Terrace.

Completely removing security guards from Fort Totten’s front gate is ill-advised and will eventually cost the city more in terms of increased vandalism, burglary, arson, crimes involving violence and police services. This action poses a real threat to the safety of our community.

Bloomberg has now told us to drop dead. The Bay Terrace Cafe will send him the same good wishes when election day rolls around.

The Secret Haunting of Crocheron Park

Secret Haunting

Secret Haunting

Two of the Cafe’s regular customers were overheard having this conversation:

Milhouse: (as he sips his morning coffee) Hey Corn, you know the Halloween event that goes on every year in Fort Totten?

Cornelious: (biting into his bagel) You mean the one where all the vehicles have no place to park and end up driving up and down the streets?

Milhouse: Yea, that’s it. Some of the drivers even block crosswalks and driveways – And don’t forget the people walking all over private property. Someone told me that up to 3,000 visitors come to the park for the Halloween thing. Well anyway, listen to this: I heard that due to some kind of construction in the Little Bay parking lot, this year’s event is being moved to Crocheron Park.

Cornelious: Wow! That can’t make the East Bayside Homeowners Association (EBHA) very happy. Crocheron is right in their backyard. I wonder if they even know about it. Those residents are going to have a sh*t fit. Why would parks want to mess with that organization and their president?

Milhouse: I’m sure that both the EBHA and Community Board 11 were notified. Parks believes in total transparency and would never do anything underhanded. While we’re on the subject, do you feel this Benepe has been doing a good job?

Cornelious: Well, it is the Department of Parks & Recreation and I think Benepe has been a decent Recreation Commissioner. Did you see the waiter? I could use some more coffee………

Congratulations to State Senator Frank Padavan

The Bay Terrace Cafe congratulates Frank Padavan on his reelection to the New York State Senate and wishes him continued success. Based on past performance there is no doubt that Senator Padavan will work tirelessly on behalf of all his constituents. We look forward to Senator Padavan visiting the Cafe.
Padavan set to return to NY Senate


Associated Press Writer

February 4, 2009


State Senator Frank Padavan wins reelection.

State Senator Frank Padavan wins reelection.

Incumbent State Sen. Frank Padavan, a Queens Republican, is expected to return as a victor to Albany next week following months of recounts and challenges in his race against Democrat James Gennaro, a New York City Council member.

Padavan says the net change in a review of 2,708 invalid ballots shows him winning by 578 votes instead of 580. A judge is scheduled to review recount results Thursday and is expected to allow the New York City Board of Elections to certify the results.

Padavan, who said he’s been staying up on issues from his district office, will be returning to a changed Senate, with Democrats holding a 32-30 majority, their first control of the chamber in 43 years.

“I feel like I’ve never been away,” he said, adding the job remains representing the people in the district.

Fort Totten on the “Fringe”

The "Fringe" can now be seen on FOX

The "Fringe" can now be seen on FOX


On Thursday February 5, 2009 the TV show “FRINGE” is  scheduled to shoot interior and exterior scenes at Fort Totten Park.

Approximate time:    9am – 6pm

North Flushing Says “NO” To McMansions

Homeowners group head Sandi Viviani and civic group head Tyler Cassell say "No" to McMansions.

Homeowners group head Sandi Viviani and civic group head Tyler Cassell say "No" to McMansions.


Homeowners group head Sandi Viviani and civic group head Tyler Cassell have been working on new Flushing zoning.

In an effort to ward off oversized McMansions, city planners have proposed new zoning for 257 blocks in northern Flushing.

The plan is designed to help the area keep its look and feel of mostly single-family homes and attached Tudors on tree-lined streets.

The proposed zoning changes are “long overdue,” said City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside).

“New construction has been destroying the quality of life,” said Avella, who lobbied hard for the rezoning, which includes a new zoning category for larger one-family lots.

The proposal applies to an area roughly bounded by Union St. on the west, the Clearview Expressway and Francis Lewis Blvd. on the east, Northern Blvd. and Station Road to the south and 25th Ave. to the north.

The complex plan includes several different types of zoning. It is to be discussed at 7 p.m. Thursday at a joint Community Board 7 and Community Board 11 public hearing at Holy Cross High School.

“We are proposing new zoning that will safeguard the character of this beautiful, lower-density community,” said City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden.

The plan would replace outdated zoning that dates to 1962, and “establish a low-scale regulatory framework to ensure that future development matches neighborhood character,” Burden said.

Tyler Cassell, president of the North Flushing Civic Association, applauded the move.

“We have been hoping for this for the past 10 years,” said Cassell, who sits on a zoning committee with members of both community boards.