Brett Favre will retire from Jets Until He Changes His Mind Again

Brett Favre will retire from Jets


11:59 AM EST, February 11, 2009

The Jets were hoping for an indication of what Brett Favre would do next season by the NFL Combine, but ended up finding out his plans sooner than that.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported Wednesday morning that Favre told his agent, Bus Cook, to tell the Jets that he intended to retire. A Jets source confirmed that the call has been made.

In an e-mail to Werder, Favre thanks Jets management, specifically owner Woody Johnson, GM Mike Tannenbuam and fired head coach Eric Mangini. He also mentioned by name two teammates who had been critical of him after the season.

“Mike and Woody, as well as the entire organization, have been nothing short of outstanding,” Favre said in an e-mail to Werder. “My teammates — Thomas [Jones] and Kerry [Rhodes] included — were a pleasure to play with. Eric could not have been any better. I enjoyed playing for him. My time with the Jets was short, but I’m honored to be given that chance.”

“I had a great conversation with Brett this morning,” Johnson said in a statement. “Considering that he came from a totally different environment and joined our team during training camp, his performance last season was extraordinary. As I spoke with people throughout the organization, they all told me how much they

August 7, 2008 - Jets quarterback Brett Favre holds up his new jersey before Thursday night's preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Stadium.

August 7, 2008 - Jets quarterback Brett Favre holds up his new jersey before Thursday night's preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Stadium.

enjoyed working with him. Brett Favre is a Hall-of-Fame player, but he is also a Hall-of-Fame person. Brett, [wife] Deanna and his family will always be a part of the Jets family.”

On Dec. 29, the day Mangini was fired, Rhodes said in the locker room that Favre would be welcome back in 2009, but only if he participated — in full — in the team’s offseason program, which begins in March. Jones, in a radio interview that week, was critical of Favre, though the running back later sought to clarify some of his more incendiary remarks.

The Jets started 8-3 this season but collapsed down the stretch, losing four of their final five games to finish 9-7 and out of the playoffs. Favre threw 22 TDs this season but also a league-worst 22 INTs. In the final five games, Favre had just two TDs and nine INTs.

Next for the Jets at quarterback?

First and foremost, they shed Favre’s $13 million salary from their cap. The Jets had been over the cap but now have some room to maneuver this offseason. As for next season, the Jets currently have Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff and Erik Ainge on the roster. But the team has also studied this year’s draft class at the position very closely. New coach Rex Ryan saw first-hand last season in Baltimore that a team can win and make the playoffs with a first-year quarterback. The Ravens, led by a punishing defense and rookie quarterback Joe Flacco, made the AFC Championship, losing to eventual Super Bowl winner Pittsburgh.

Favre, of course, retired last season, setting the stage for his rancorous divorce from the Packers that resulted in his Aug. 6 trade to the Jets. The Jets inherited Favre’s three-year contract, which now has two years left on it. Should Favre unretire this offseason, the Jets could find themselves in a similar position the Packers did last offseason.


Queens is Ready to Puck Around

SKATING SOON at a rink near you - the Iron Triangle Islanders?

SKATING SOON at a rink near you - the Iron Triangle Islanders?

From the NY Daily News

Could Isles net the Point? Plan pushes Iron Triangle home

BY Nicholas Hirshon
Tuesday, February 10th 2009, 10:45 AM

SKATING SOON at a rink near you – the Iron Triangle Islanders?

The Queens Chamber of Commerce is making a long-shot bid to lure the four-time Stanley Cup champions from Nassau County as part of redevelopment plans for Willets Point, a maze of auto body shops near Citi Field.

The Islanders – who are reportedly mulling a move in case plans fall through to revamp their arena, the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, L.I. – declined to comment on the Willets Point proposal.

Queens Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Jack Friedman noted the Isles’ Coliseum lease expires in 2015, near the anticipated opening of a Willets Point convention center.

“Queens makes sense [for the Islanders] from so many levels because of the airports and its central location,” Friedman said, also noting the area’s proximity to highways and subways.

But Yale University Prof. Charles Euchner, an expert on sports team relocations, mocked Willets Point as a “half-baked” option because it would require too many infrastructure changes.

The Islanders stoked speculation about a move last month by scheduling a preseason game for September in Kansas City, which opened a state-of-the-art arena in 2007 and has been trying ever since to land a National Hockey League franchise.

The Isles are also moving their training camp in Canada from New Brunswick to Saskatoon, a puck-wild city that gunned for the St. Louis Blues in 1983.

Meanwhile, Islanders owner Charles Wang has reportedly grown impatient with Nassau officials for taking years to okay his project to renovate the Coliseum and redevelop the nearby area with shops and restaurants.

A spokesman for the Town of Hempstead board, which must approve Wang’s plans, said its members are “anxious to do everything we can to keep” the Islanders in Uniondale.

But Friedman isn’t alone in asking Wang, a Queens College grad, to consider a change.

Asked about hosting the Isles, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall said she would be “very receptive” while the city announced it’s “open” to letting the team play in a Queens park.

City Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) said the Isles should relocate to Queens to escape the Coliseum mess while staying near fans in Nassau and Suffolk – a scenario that neither Kansas City nor Saskatoon can offer.

“A hockey team like the Islanders enjoys a strong fan base,” Liu said of the local following the team has built over four decades. “Their enterprise is not like a warehouse you could plunk in the middle of anywhere.”

Even Mets third baseman David Wright was willing to share the borough’s sports scene.

“I’d recommend it,” Wright said of an Isles move. “I would endorse playing in Queens.”

Turf War Brewing in New York City Parks

Customers in the Cafe are starting to wonder if Parks & Recreation will ever get it right.

NYC Park - Use at your own risk

NYC Park - Use at your own risk

From 1010 WINS

Posted: Sunday, 08 February 2009 7:16PM

Turf War Brewing in New York City Parks

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A turf war is brewing in New York City.

The city council will hold a hearing Monday on a bill that would ban new installation of artifical turf on city ballfields until all the fields can be tested.

Environmental groups say it’s because lead tests done on the turf in East Harlem’s Thomas Jefferson Park came back four times higher than previously disclosed.

But the Parks Department says new tests found no further evidence of elevated lead levels and rejected the call for a moratorium.

“The contaminated field at Thomas Jefferson Park is promptly being removed and replaced,” said Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe. “Thankfully, this appears to be an isolated finding.”

The council bill would mandate the removal of a controversial rubber infill which is made from recycled tires and a petroleum-based product containing more than two dozen different chemicals including arsenic, lead and zinc. These products have been known to be hazardous to people and the environment.

There Used to be a Ballpark

There Used to be a Ballpark – Shea Stadium, Yankee Stadium and Ebbet’s Field, home to the “Boys of Summer.”

It’s called progress!




Avella: Legalize Sports Betting as a Cash Cow for the City

Cash Cow aka Legalized Sports Betting

Cash Cow aka Legalized Sports Betting

Queens Chronicle

Avella attacks mayor over budget proposal
by Peter C. Mastrosimone , Editor-in-Chief

A key Queens lawmaker who intends to run for the city’s highest office blasted Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s budget plan this week as unnecessarily draconian.
City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) contends that the spending cuts and layoffs Bloomberg proposed for fiscal 2010, which begins July 1, could all be avoided if his own ideas were implemented instead.
The city is facing a $4 billion deficit in 2010, according to the administration’s latest estimate. Just two months ago, the shortfall was pegged at only $1.3 billion. And the city has already made $2.4 billion in cuts; otherwise the mayor says the gap would be projected at $6.4 billion.
The reason of course is the continuing economic slide and resultant decrease in city tax revenues.
In a budgetary statement issued last week, Bloomberg said the city needs help from the state and federal governments, as well as municipal unions here, to avoid deeper cuts. And he cited the mid-year reductions already approved by the City Council as crucial.
“The tough decisions we made over the last year prevented the current deficit from being unmanageable, and we now have a plan to close that deficit,” Bloomberg said. “We will do our part by cutting nearly another $1 billion in agency spending, and the wise choices we made when the economy was booming have helped, allowing us to pay down billions of dollars in expenses for future years.”
Avella, however, has a different take.
“I think there’s no way we should be doing layoffs in this economy,” he said Tuesday. “That’s a catch-22 situation. They have less money, they may go on unemployment; it’s like raising taxes. It doesn’t solve anything.”
Avella cited Bloomberg’s plans to delay the hiring of more police officers and to close some fire companies at night as among the worst of his proposals. “That’s stupid and puts people’s lives in jeopardy,” he said.
The councilman claimed the budget gap could be closed just by eliminating waste in city agencies and by enacting one of his longtime proposals: legalizing sports betting and turning it into a cash cow for the city.
If the city would just go after people who damage public property, it could raise as much as $100 million a year, Avella asserted, saying the Police Department alone spends $3 million annually to fix patrol cars hit by other drivers.
Meanwhile sports betting generates anywhere from $15 to $30 billion a year for organized crime syndicates, he said — money that would close the budget gap and then some.
Mayoral officials could not immediately be reached for a response, but have said in the past that Avella is just politicking when he criticizes Bloomberg. He is one of several officials who plan to challenge the mayor in this year’s election. The councilman said the fact that he has been proposing the same measures for years shows that he is sincere.

15th Annual Little Neck Bay Beach Clean-Up

Bayside Anglers Group Ltd.
Proudly presents

Bayside Anglers

Bayside Anglers

15th Annual Little Neck Bay Beach Clean-Up
“Bayside Waterfront Day”
10 AM on Sunday, April 19, 2009
(Rain or Shine)

We welcome all volunteers and their families to help us in
the Spring-cleaning of one of our most popular local fishing spots.
Through the support of the NYC Dept. of Parks, Partnership for
Parks and the NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation,
bags, gloves, rakes and shovels are provided for this event.
Volunteers are well cared for with food and drink. To make things
interesting, all participants are entered for a chance at raffle
prizes provided courtesy of our sponsors. Join us and help make a
difference that you can see today and for the rest of the season.

2009 will mark our 15th year of clearing debris from the back
of our beloved bay. To celebrate this 15 year milestone, we are
expanding this project to cover the entire 3 mile stretch of public
shoreline here in Bayside.
Directions to sign in booths

Booth 1: Bass Beach is accessed by walking to the southern end of the bay
along the bicycle path adjacent to the Northbound Cross Island Parkway.
Take Cross Island Parkway to Northern Blvd. West. Go about 1⁄2 mile and
make a right onto Bell Blvd. Continue about 1 mile and make a right onto
35th Ave. Bear left and park at end. A footbridge to the bicycle path is up the
hill opposite Crocheron Pond.

Booth 2: Little Bay Park: Cross Island Parkway North to Exit 32 (Bell
Boulevard) make a right at the light into Little Bay Park. Park in the lot on the left.

Mets Ought to Bank on Jackie Robinson Field

Philadelphians seem to have a better understanding of New York sports history and tradition than the current owners of the Mets.

From NBC Philadelphia

Updated 7:25 AM EST, Wed, Feb 4, 2009

Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947. Six decades later, the Mets have the opportunity to do the right thing, and name their new ballpark after the baseball hero.

A report that bailout-begging Citigroup wants out of its $400 million naming-rights deal for the New York Mets’ new ballpark is a chance for the team to finally do the right thing: name the stadium after Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Citi Field sits right next to Shea Stadium in Queens, N.Y. Whether or not it will retain its corporate moniker is a question on a lot of people’s minds.

Robinson, of course, never played for the Mets. But he broke baseball’s insidious color barrier nearly 62 years ago, tearing up the base paths for the team’s spiritual and local National League predecessors, the Brooklyn Dodgers.

It was much more than just a New York sports story: Robinson, with his on-the-field determination and off-the-field dignity amid threats and venom spewed by fools, struck a blow for fair play and civil rights. He blazed a trail that arguably helped make way for Barack Obama’s journey to the White House six decades later.

Citigroup, meanwhile, has received $45 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, spurring calls by some lawmakers to scrap the expensive naming-rights deal.

CitiField Which Rhymes With.........

CitiField Which Rhymes With.........

No one is rooting for Citigroup to fail. But amid tough times, the company shouldn’t be spending $400 million on a stadium name – Citi Field – that’s already been mocked by fans for its corporate sound and its unfortunate rhyming possibilities.

Besides, whatever happened to the notion that baseball stadium names should have something to do with baseball?

It’s a fight against the odds, but Robinson never let odds stand in his way. So fans, let your voices be heard, and demand that the Mets give us Jackie Robinson Field — the most fitting way for the pioneering ballplayer’s legacy to live on in the city where he helped change our world.

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