Mexico City Mayor hands out free Viagra to elderly men – Bloomberg Gives Us Trees

Is This Tree on a Viagra Regimen?

Is This Tree on a Viagra Regimen?

Mexico City Mayor hands out free Viagra to elderly men. Michael Bloomberg gives New Yorkers trees. It doesn’t require much effort to make the analogy.
NY Daily News
BY Catey Hill

Friday, February 13th 2009, 12:10 PM

The government is handing out free Viagra to poor men, the New York Times reported.

If you are 60 and over, poor, and need a little extra excitement in your love life, Mexico City just might be the place to be.

“Everyone has the right to be happy,” Mexico City’s mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, told the New York Times.

The New York Times also reported:

Ebrard is up for re-election in July, and this little Viagra move might just help him get re-elected.

Ebrard not only is giving out Viagra, he’s also dumping sand at public pools to create beaches and turning major roads into bike paths on Sundays.  He’s staged a “kiss-in” on Valentine’s Day to increase awareness of domestic violence.  He’s built the largest skating rink in the world.

But it’s the Viagra that has many men excited.

“Now, I’m able to fulfill my wife,” Mr. Posadas, a grandfather of six, told the paper.

Angel Posadas Sandoval, 74, was a little more vague, but still got his point across by telling the paper, “things have changed.”

He added, “I’ll enjoy whatever time I have left.”


A Tree Once Grew in Queens


Much of Fort Totten’s landscape is now scarred with the remains of what were once large, majestic trees. According to Parks’ Forestry Division, the trees could not be saved. Random observers have described the wood and stumps as appearing to be healthy. In all fairness to Parks, those were not expert opinions.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the Fort looks bare. Parks is encouraged to replace any trees that became victims of their chain-saw.

The pictures which can be seen by following the link below, require no captions. As you’ll notice, much of the evidence is being pulverized. Also shown is some of the demolition work taking place on the Fort.


Peru Planting 512,820 Trees a Day to Fight Climate Change

Written by Levi Novey

Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture has launched an ambitious project. The goal: plant 40 million trees in 3 months to help deter the effects of climate change.

Planting 40 Million Trees

Planting 40 Million Trees

According to Peruvian news source Andina, the Ministry hopes to complete the project by February 20th of this year. They started working on December 13th of last year. That will mean that an average of 512,820 trees will be planted each day over a three month period– an astounding and inspiring example for other countries to follow around the world.

Did somebody say something about planting a million trees in NYC?